The List:

  • Buyog2099 - I've closed the polls in the first round of character voting (second round will come when we get all of our first round drafts complete & want more), and tallied the results. Here now, for your viewing pleasure, are the results:
    • DC Heroes (top 5 choices)
    • Batman
    • Green Lantern
    • Wonder Woman
    • Superman
    • Flash
    • Marvel Heroes (top 5)
    • Spiderman
    • Iron-man
    • Captain America
    • Wolverine
    • Hulk
    • DC Villians (top 4+1)
    • Darkseid
    • Bane
    • Lobo
    • Parasite/Catwoman (tie)
    • Marvel Villians (top 4+1)
    • Dr. (Emperor) Doom
    • Thanos
    • Carnage
    • Magneto/Juggernaut (tie)
    • Amalgam chars (top 3+1)
    • Super-Soldier
    • Iron Lantern
    • Dark Claw/Spider-boy (tie)
  • .. for a total of 10 heroes, 10 villians, and 4 Amalgams (3 heroes, 1 villian)

    You'll notice we have 3 ties; for now I'm voting to keep them all in, unless y'all think we should have a tiebreaker.

Works Currently In Progress


Coding: Hannibal

Sprites: Hannibal

Green Lantern

Coding: Buyog2099

Sprites: PrimeOp

Dr. Doom (Emperor Doom)

Coding: Juan Carlos

Sprites: alexei09



Sprites: Magus81


Coding: buyog2099

Sprites: buyog2099

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Coding: Magus81/SantoDumas

Sprites: Magus81/SantoDumas


Coding: razorgolem?

Sprites: RazorGolem

Hal by Neal Adams

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