The Proposal:

  • Buyog2099 - Like to introduce myself to y'all. Buyog's the name, comic book video games are my... um... game.

    I've been talking with Erradicator, creator of the best Spiderman & IronMan out there, about the possibility of reviving an old idea--- creating a full MUGEN game based on Marvel & DC Comics characters. In the tradition of the Capcom "VS" series, and for lack of a better name, we're calling it "DC vs Marvel".

    We're looking to do something along the lines of what the "ProjectX" folks are up to, creating a handful of DC characters that have deserved a GOOD fighting game for some time now (JL Task Force just didn't cut it for me). You know, Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, WonderWoman, and the rest of 'em. And of course a good smattering of villians to contend with.

    In order to pull this off, the two of us are going to need a lot of help. Coders, stage makers, character makers, sprite artists, digital musicians, and the like. Please let us know if this sounds at all appealing to you, and what you'd like to work on.

    Think of it. Magneto vs Darkseid! Wolverine vs Metallo! Hulk vs Superman!

    Stay tuned...

By Magus81

By Magus81 By Magus81 

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